5V Switching Regulator, Very Simple Circuit

Switching Regulator for High Power Efficiency

When you should regulate a high voltage to a much lower voltage, switching regulator must be the only choice. Fortunately,  a simple switcher integrated circuit chip is available, let you build a complete step-down switching regulator using five components.

5v switching regulator circuit schematic diagram

The switching regulator IC used in this circuit  is LM2575 series like we use in thye previous variable switching regulator, but we use the fixed type for the simplest design.  LM2575-5.0 is a fixed 5V output switching regulator IC, capable of converting 7-40V DC to 5V DC at 77% efficiency. LM2575HV-5.0 can be use for higher input voltage up to 60V. This circuit is designed as step-down switching regulator, so the input must be few volts higher than the specified output voltage.

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