Electronic Gain Control in Quartz-Stabilized Oscillator

This is a quartz-stabilized oscillator circuit with electronic gain control. Replacing the common filament lamp  for amplitude stabilization, this circuit use an electronic gain control inside the stabilization loop. A 50-Ω variable resistor should be trimmed until the output level show 2-Vpp magnitude oscillations op-amp A1 output. Here is  the schematic diagram of the circuit: [Circuit’s schematic diagram source: Linear […]

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Crystal Oscillator with CMOS Inverter

This is an astable multivibrator  (oscillator) circuit using CMOS inverter. This circuit uses CD4007 or MC14007. This circuit has operating frequency range of 10kHz to 10MHz.  The frequency is not determined only by the crystal, but fine tuned further by C and R that determines the exact operating frequency of this circuit. For proper operation, Pin 1 and 5 should […]

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90-125 Mhz Crystal RF Oscillator

This is a circuit of 90-125 MHz Crystal which is very useful for VHF/UHF converters. This circuit provide 5 to 15 mW output. High-quality fifth- or seventh-over-tone crystal type can be used in this circuit. Undesired oscillation never reach above 500 MHz because of Ferrite bead FB. Using regulated power supply and allowing crystal to operate at its natural series-resonant […]

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