Ears and Speakers Protector

Sometimes the output volume of amplifier is too high and hurts our ears. As well as hurting your ears, this incident could damage your loudspeaker. The circuit below can be used to protect both our ears and our loudspeakers from destructive output signal of amplifier, works by deactivating the amplifier when high level signal is detected. This circuit will disable […]

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TRIAC Crowbar For AC Or DC Lines

A TRIAC Crowbar circuit which works for both AC and DC voltage is shown in the schematic diagram below. This circuit provide overvoltage protection for electronic or electrical equipment against excessive supply voltage.  Crowbar circuit provide two level of protection. First, this protection circuit will drop the voltage across the protected equipment to near zero by shorting the voltage, and […]

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Transistor Overvoltage Crowbar Protector

This is a transistor crowbar circuit for overvoltage protection. This circuit is used to protect any devices, when the overvoltage occurs. This circuit consist of diode, transistor, and resistor, and a fuse.  The device that needs to be protected should be connected in parallel with the transistor. The 1N87 diode cut off the transistor across supply line until overvoltage occur. […]

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