Tuned Transistor RF Amplifier

On the circuit below, the load resistor has been replace by a tuned circuit, C4 and L1. The tuned circuit is high impedance at resonance. The impedance is low at all other frequencies. Therefore, the signal which is amplified only at the resonance frequency. Since this type of amplifier is normally used in RF application, the capacitors can be much […]

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Current Mmode 20MHz Noninverting Amplifier

Current mode amplifier has the benefit of higher frequency operation, and LM359 comes as operational amplifier with this type op amplifier. Current mode (Norton) amplifier can be used in video, RF, of high speed communication design. You can apply this current mode noninverting amplifier in wide variety of applications, make sure this circuit performance (shown as the frequency response curve) […]

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LM359 1MHz Balanced Line Driver

Balanced signal consist of two lines that have opposite phases, and should be received with differential input receiver. Balanced signal is employed in many telecommunication techniques to improve transmission system’s noise immunity. Balanced signal is usually transmitted in twisted pair cables. With twisted pair, the noise exposure is expected to be equal for both lines in order to cancel each […]

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