LM359 1MHz Balanced Line Driver

Balanced signal consist of two lines that have opposite phases, and should be received with differential input receiver. Balanced signal is employed in many telecommunication techniques to improve transmission system’s noise immunity.

Balanced signal is usually transmitted in twisted pair cables. With twisted pair, the noise exposure is expected to be equal for both lines in order to cancel each other.  This circuit featured 1 MHz -3dB bandwidth (gain=10 and 0 dbm into 600 Ohm), low distortion (0.3% at full bandwidth, 0.05% at 10kHz bandwidth). No need for compensation capacitor (pin 3 or pin 13 to ground) if the load’s capacitance is not more than 1500pF, and only 180pF compensation capacitor for 0.01uF load. Signal to noise ratio (SNR) is  as high as 70dB at 0dbm, 600 Ohm ,10kHz bandwidth. [Circuit’s schematic diagram source: National Semiconductor Datasheet]