Resistance Thermometer Current Loop Transmitter

Resistance temperature sensor (RTD, resistive temperature device)  comes in NTC (negative temperature coefficient) and PTC (positive temperature coefficient) forms. A schematic diagram below show a signal conditioner circuit for such thermometer. This sensor conditioning circuit works in current mode (current loop) and the amplifier inside gives a current output that is  inversely proportional with the sensor’s resistance. This temperature transmitter […]

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4-20mA Current Loop Bridge Sensor Transmitter

Bridged resistive sensing elements is common in resistive type sensors/transducers. This sensor type need a biasing voltage to operate. LM10 provide low reference voltage, which is suitable for powering usually low resistance bridge type sensors such as strain gauges. The reference voltage is not only supply the power to the bridge but also provide offset to set the output at […]

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Precision Current Loop Thermocouple Transmitter

Current loop analog data transmission is used in industrial environment because of its robustness (good noise immunity), while providing wiring fault detection (short and broken wiring) with a simple mechanism by detecting out range current level. In 4-20mA current loop standard, the valid signal should be in the range of 4 to 20mA. Zero ampere current would indicate broken wiring, […]

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Logarithmic Light (Photodiode) Sensor Signal Conditioner

There are many measurement system that would be more suitable if we use logarithmic scale, especially when we try to mimics human sensory response. Most physical phenomenon that sensible to human’s biological sensor system is wide range in nature. Human perception system is gifted with right method to scale very wide measurement range: logarithmic. We perceive unit based on significance […]

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