Square Wave Oscillator using Comparator/Op-Amp

The circuit shown in this schematic diagram is a square-wave oscillator circuit.  The main component of this oscillator circuit is LP165/365 comparator. As timing component, it uses capacitor and resistor to determine the frequency operation, generating square waves signal. Here is the schematic diagram of the circuit: We can change the values of R and C to produce different frequencies. […]

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Pulse Generator Produces 3-Phase Output

This is a schematic diagram of a three-phase pulse generator circuit. This circuit produce 3 phase overlapped output similar with 3 phase  AC powerline, you can say this circuit produce the DC pulse version. This schematic diagram shows two CMOS inverters and CMOS 4-bit shift register as the circuit’s  main components. The shift register is configured as divide-by-6 Johnson counter, […]

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Digitally Programmable Oscillator

The schematic diagram below shows a digitally programmable oscillator circuit. This programmable oscillator circuit is based on V/F (voltage to frequency) converter, which is programmable by an analog voltage at the input. To make it digitally programmable, a DAC (digital to analog converter) is added to feed the V/F input. The components of the DAC is AD7520 multiplying D/A converter […]

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