Very Simple Lead Acid Battery Charger with PB137 Regulator

This is a Very Simple circuit for Lead Acid Battery Charger using PB137 Regulator. The PB137 is used for lead acid battery charger circuit because it can give 1.5A at Vo=13.7V. The PB137 also has a reverse leakage current. The maximum reverse leakage current of PB137 is 10µA at Tj=0 to 40°C and V1=floating and Vo=13.7V. Here is the circuit :

Simple Lead Acid Battery Charger with PB137 Regulator circuit schematic diagram

The PB137 has many feature, such as it has internal current limiting, safe area protection, and thermal shutdown. So, it is indestructible. The PB137 also can send over 1A output current if adequate heat-sinking is available. [Source: STMicroelectronic Application Note]

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