Capacitance Meter Circuit

Capacitance meter is one instrument that you should have in your toolbox if you are an electronics hobbyist, or if you’re a professional electronic technician. If you can’t afford to buy such instrument or you you can’t find it on your local store then here is the good news: you can build your own capacitance meter. You can build a […]

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Self Powered Compressor

The most unique feature of this dynamic compressor circuit is that it needs no power supply, looks like  as passive connector or adapter cables. The attenuation is good enough, about 20dB, works for  input range of 100mV to 10V signal level. Here is the schematic diagram of the circuit: The circuit consist of a power rectifier and attenuator. Some portion […]

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Motor Speed Control Using PWM

Pulse width modulation or familiarly known as PWM is used to control the delivered power to load without loosing the efficiency. The speed of an electric motor is controlled by controlling the power source of the motor. The simplest method to provide a variable power supply is by providing a variable series resistance between the motor and the supply, and […]

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