Ultrasonic Proximity Detector

This is ultrasonic proximity detector circuit. This circuit consist of micropower opamp and a pair of matched piezo-ceramic tranducers. It uses a 9V battery as power supply. This circuit uses the radar principle, when the objects or people is nearby it will reflect the transmitter’s steady tone back to the reciever. Here is the circuit : First circuit is a […]

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PWM Motor Speed Control Using Class D Audio Amplifier

This is class D audio amplifier circuit that is used to control PWM motor speed. This circuit has two advantages for battery-powered portable devices. First, this circuit produces much less power dissipation than do it’s linear cousins. Second, it enhances battery life. Here is the circuit: A potentiometer (R2) is used to generate a variable DC voltage. To match the […]

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RS-485 Signal Loss Detection

The safety shutdown and fault isolation protocol are critical in many telecommunication, industrial, data processing system and industrial. To share data between communication processor or single-board computers, actuator and sensors, the fault detection system uses RS-485. This RS-485 uses two signal wires to detection of valid signal levels that require a differential window comparator and to transmit data. Here is […]

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