Astable and Monostable Multivibrators

Multivibrators is two state devices which is used extensively in digital electronics. The bistable multivibrators or called filp-flop are the basic memory devices used in sequential logic. Beside bistable multivibrator, there are also astable multivibrator which serves as an oscillator and the monostable multivibrator (on shot multivibrator) which can serve as a pulse source. The NAND gate inverters configuration shown […]

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Varactor – The Core of Voltage Controlled LC Tuner

In hybrid system, analog system with digital control, a voltage controlled things is very important since it can be interfaced by DAC from digital system. For radio tuning with digital control, a voltage controlled LC circuit is needed. If we can turn a knob of variable capacitor mechanically, microcontroller system prefer outputting a voltage rather than controlling a variable capacitor […]

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Shaded-Pole AC Induction Motor

A shaded-pole AC induction motor is one of type of AC induction motor that does not have start winding but has only one main winding. This type usually called “disposable motors because it better replace than repair. Besides cheap, the other advantages of this type are the speed can be adjusted by through a multi-tap winding or varying voltage, simple […]

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Capacitor Start/Capacitor Run Induction Motor

An induction motor is one of type of AC motor that is supplied by means of electromagnetic induction. This motor has some advantages like has high efficiency and can be used for lower full-load currents. However, this motor is expensive because this motor use centrifugal switch and run and start capacitors. The applications that uses this motor is air compressors, […]

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