Automatic Headlight Dimmer, Safe Yourself and Others

This schematic diagram shows an automatic headlight dimmer circuit for your car’s headlight, keep you safe in the dark with maximum bright for farthest visibility, but will automatically switch from high to low  beam when traffic approach to save others sight. With Q1 in moderate darkness the variable resistor must be adjusted to generate no base current through Q2. This […]

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Extending 555 Timer’s Delay with Integrator

555 IC is very popular component for timer circuit. With integrator circuit, we can extend the timing period of 555IC timer with reasonable capacitor size. With conventional 555IC timer configuration, the timing capacitor will be large compared to integrator version. You can see the comparison in the graph below the schematic diagram. [Circuit’s schematic diagram source:]

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74S124 High Frequency VCO with Varactor

The following schematic diagram shown a conventional which is modified to become a VCO (voltage-controlled oscillator) circuit. By replacing the conventional fixed capacitor with a variable capacitance diode (varactor), we can turn a 74S124 multivibrator into a wide-band VCO. High speed logic 74S series is used here to enable this circuit for high frequency operation. Here is the schematic diagram […]

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