Crystal Tester

Quartz crystal tester is needed if you want to know whether the crystal is good or bad (broken).  This crystal tester gives LED light indicator. If the crystal under test is good, the LED indicator will light, and stay off if bad. The circuit is simple and easy to build, here is the schematic diagram: This crystal tester circuit use […]

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Inductance Meter Adapter Circuit, Turns Your Digital Voltmeter to Inductance Meter

Measuring inductance is important in making your hand-made inductors, especially when you do-it-yourself (DIY) your coil winding. An inductance meter adapter circuit would be helpful since you can measure inductance using your general purpose digital voltmeter (DVM). This circuit cost much cheaper compared to already made inductance meter instrument. Here is the scehamtic diagram of the circuit: The circuit is […]

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Capacitance Meter Circuit

Capacitance meter is one instrument that you should have in your toolbox if you are an electronics hobbyist, or if you’re a professional electronic technician. If you can’t afford to buy such instrument or you you can’t find it on your local store then here is the good news: you can build your own capacitance meter. You can build a […]

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