Linear Detector for AM Demodulation

We can simply a rectifier using a linear detector. It’s not only have no gain, but also no distortion. An example from two op-amps is the easy one as shown in the following circuit diagram. The second op-amp is a precision half-wave rectifier (the second diode is to “catch” the op-amp on the other half-cycle and prevent it from saturating). […]

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Ratio Detector for FM Demodulation

This view is not far from wrong because the operation of FM detectors is widely regarded as mysterious. The ratio detector to find out how it works, without going deeply into the theory at this point, or studying other forms of FM detector that are also used, and somewhat similar are covered here. To give an output voltage that is […]

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PLL FM Demodulator

PLL (Phase Locked Loop) can be used to make a FM demodulator. PLL circuit track the input frequency by controlling a voltage input of a VCO (Voltage-Controlled Oscillator). Since the VCO is controlled to follow the input frequency, then the controlling signal is directly proportional to the modulating signal. Here is the schematic diagram of the cicuit: For this example, […]

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