Single Cell LED Flashlight

This is Single Cell LED Flashlight circuit. This circuit uses white LED that has best power-efficiency combination at about 20mA and requires abut 3.3V. Each Led in this circuit draws power about 66mW. This circuit uses seven LEDs. This circuit very useful for a tiny pocket flashlight because the whole array of leds run at close to one half watt. […]

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Manual Adjustable LED Driver

In many electronics-level adjustments such as LED drivers for LCD panel backlight controls, we can use AD5228. A manually adjustable LED driver is shown on figure below. The voltage across the white LED D1 is set by the AD5228 for the brightness control. A typical white LED with Vf of 3.5 V requires a resistor, R1, to limit U2 current […]

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TPS61059 White LED Driver for Photoflash or Movie Light

Manufacturers are starting to turn to new high power to provide a photoflash function for these low-light conditions called white-light LEDs. These LEDs output is a wide light spectrum and it’s compact and easy to control. Unlike Xenon gas-discharges tubes which require hundreds of volts to flash, white-light LEDs can be operated in very low voltages. Additionally, to provide lighting […]

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