Transistor Buffer for Zener Diode Voltage Regulator

Buffering for the zener is provided by the impedance matching and current amplifying characteristics of the emitter follower and draw less current from it. To a Zener regulator, it’s a useful adjunct. The capacitor on the right circuit is used to reduce ripple. Other variation of capacitor placement for noise reduction, you can just add the capacitor in parallel with […]

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LM317 Variable Output (1.2-17V) Regulator

Variable output regulator is valuable for your test bench tools. This regulator produce variable voltage source from 1.2 to 17Volts. Series type regulator consist of something equivalent to variable-resistance device, an LM317 for this case. Since series-pass regulator dissipates power and turn it into heat to stabilize the output, this regulator need large heatsink.  The hardest power dissipation occurs at […]

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