Start Mechanism in Single Phase Induction Motor

The single-phase induction motor is not self-starting device. The main winding carries an alternating current when the motor is connected to a single-phase power supply. A pulsating magnetic field will be produced by this current. The rotor is energized due to induction. The torque necessary for the motor rotation is not generated as the main magnetic field is pulsating. This […]

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Automated Water Tank Filler

We can use the circuit below to maintain the level of water in the header tank within prescribed limits. A 3HP submersible bore pump which has a high starting current is controlled by this circuit, necessitating a solid-state relay sufficient to take the starting load. The upper and lower water sensors in the tank are connected with two Darlington transistors, […]

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Universal DC Mode Motor Drive

DC drive for a Universal motor is shown in figure below. In order to supply DC current to the motor, a diode bridge has been added around the motor. The motor current freewheels through the diode bridge after the TRIAC current crosses zero. To limit the rate of fall of the current as defined in the TRIAC specifications (12A/msec for […]

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