Compact Power Factor Controller

This is compact power factor controller circuit. It stabilizes device’s electrical demand to give best power factor characteristic of many types of loads. In many application, a direct rectification of the AC line followed by bulk capacitor filtering is used to get the high DC voltage. This capacitor filtering will produce a poor power factor and current spike that distort […]

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5V Switching Regulator, Very Simple Circuit

Switching Regulator for High Power Efficiency When you should regulate a high voltage to a much lower voltage, switching regulator must be the only choice. Fortunately,  a simple switcher integrated circuit chip is available, let you build a complete step-down switching regulator using five components. The switching regulator IC used in this circuit  is LM2575 series like we use in […]

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Variable Power Supply 1.2-55 Volt, Uses Switching Technology for High Efficiency

Designing wide range variable power supply using linear regulator is easy, but suffer terrible efficiency when it should regulate 60 Volt constant source  down to 5 Volt or lower, the efficiency would be 5/60 or 8.33% at maximum effort, really bad. Using switching technology, the efficiency can be kept around 70% , and can be higher for the lower input-output […]

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