Zener Diode Voltage Regulator

The figure below show us a zener regulator. The essential component is the dropping resistor R which the value given by (V-Vo)/I, where I is the desired output plus 10%. As long as the supply voltage V is constant, the current in thner current drops to zero, and we is resistor is constant and is shared between the Zener and […]

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1.5V Micropower CMOS Voltage Regulator

The LP3992 is Micropower CMOS Voltage Regulator with input range of 1.9 to 5.2V and can produce 1.5V output. This regulator suits for application that need an accurate output voltage with power from battery, low quiescent current, low noise and portable. The accurateness  of this regulator is 1.5 ± 0.009V and this device has output current of 30mA. The LP3992 […]

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Linear Power Supply

A diode bridge, a step down transformer a linear regulator(U1) and some filtering capacitors can be used to build a Linear power supply. This circuit has some advantages such as this circuit has high output current and can give multiple output voltages easily. However it has some disadvantages like this is high standby losses, expensive circuit, and bulky size of […]

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Analog’s ADP1821 Step Down DC-to-DC Converter

Schematic diagram below shows an ADP1821 Step Down DC-to-DC Converter circuit. This circuit uses ADP1821 that can be used to regulate an output with a load of more than 20 A. It can be done if he power components like MOSFETs, the bulk capacitors and the inductor are chosen carefully to achieve the power requirement. The power-train component limits the […]

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