Water Level Sensor/Detector/Monitor With Alarm

This schematic diagram shows a water level sensor/detector/monitor circuit. An alarm is also featured in this circuit. Any fluid with a resistance under 900K between the maximum separation distance of the probes will trigger this circuit. A 4050B CMOS hex buffer is used on this circuit that is working at 5 volt supply.¬† The 10M resistors connected between buffer input […]

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Automated Water Tank Filler

We can use the circuit below to maintain the level of water in the header tank within prescribed limits. A 3HP submersible bore pump which has a high starting current is controlled by this circuit, necessitating a solid-state relay sufficient to take the starting load. The upper and lower water sensors in the tank are connected with two Darlington transistors, […]

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Water Level Sensor/Alarm System for MAXQ3210 Controller

The MAXQ3210 ia a powerful RISC microcontroller. This device have features and capabilities to make it compatible for battery-powered applications that detect a condition and sound on alarm. Piezoelectric horn driver, 5V to 9V regulator, and analog voltage comparator support a minimal component count system are integrated on this microcontroller. Additionally, this microcontroller is allowed to operate for significant periods […]

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Fill/Empty Water Level Controller

A controller for keeping the water level stays¬† between upper and lower limits is described here. This water level controller is actually a water pump controller that turn the pump on or off based on the detected water level. This water level controller has two modes: fill and empty. Here is the schematic diagram of the circuit: For the empty […]

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