UBA2024 Compact Fluorescent Lamp Controller

The UBA2024 is a half-bridge IC and 550 V lamp controller. This device is equipped with 9 ohm switches that espouses standard CFL applications up to 15 W. The number of external components can be reduced to only 17 (compared to the 27 typically required by a discrete driver solution) with high level of integration, and the IC supports NXP’s patented luminous phase. Soft start function, an adjustable internal oscillator and an internal drive function with a high-voltage level shifter for driving the half bridge is included on the IC. The oscillator signal is passed through a divider before being fed to the output drivers to guarantee an accurate 50% duty cycle. Demo board for 120 and 230 VAC is available for this device. To facilitate the engineer fine-tune the board to a given burner specification, it’s also supplied with a calculation tool. Here’s the circuit diagram:

UBA2024 Compact Fluorescent Lamp Controller circuit schematic diagram


  • Maximum voltage of 550 V
  • Minimum glow time control
  • Soft start
  • Easy-to-configure burner specification
  • Integrated half-bridge power transistors
  • Integrated bootstrap diode
  • Integrated low-voltage supply
  • Adjustable oscillator frequency

[Source: NXP Application Note]

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