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MAX1703 Single-Cell Boost Converter Circuit

When you design a circuit with only a single-cell battery, you will need boost-converter to provide enough voltage for most ...

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55MHz Scope Sensitivity Amplifier

Scope sensitivity amplifier is a vital front-end signal processing for every scope instruments. The function of this circuitry is simple: ...

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Two-Band Bxandall Active Tone Control

Using active circuit for tone control means that we can provide cut and boost, maintaining overall amplifying factor of original ...

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Pulse Width (PWM) Controller Circuit

A LM3900 quad operational amplifier can be used to build a pulse width (PWM) controller. The LM3900 was chosen because ...

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Small TV Modulator Using A Motorola MC1374

How can television modulator be small and simple like this? First, it uses integrated circuit, and the second, any TV ...

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Transistor Overvoltage Crowbar Protector

This is a transistor crowbar circuit for overvoltage protection. This circuit is used to protect any devices, when the overvoltage occurs. This circuit consist of diode, transistor, and resistor, and a fuse.  The device that needs to be protected should … Continue reading

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Low-Power Switching Regulator

A circuit of low-power switching regulator is shown in the schematic diagram below. This circuit can give output voltage of 5V from 9-V source. The efficiency of this circuit is 80% and the output capability of this circuit is 50-mA. … Continue reading

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Battery Tester/Indicator/Monitor

This is a battery tester circuit.This circuit is used to indicate whether the level of a battery voltage is  normal, under-voltage, or over-voltage, very useful to make sure an electrical system will works properly. This circuit displays three classes of … Continue reading

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5V FET Voltage Regulator and How It Works

Using a FET and two additional transistors (cascaded to improve the gain), a 5V FET voltage regulator can be formed. The additional Tr2 and Tr3 transistors will improve the output current handling and decrease the output impedance. The output voltage … Continue reading

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