TRIAC Crowbar For AC Or DC Lines

A TRIAC Crowbar circuit which works for both AC and DC voltage is shown in the schematic diagram below. This circuit provide overvoltage protection for electronic or electrical equipment against excessive supply voltage.  Crowbar circuit provide two level of protection. First, this protection circuit will drop the voltage across the protected equipment to near zero by shorting the voltage, and […]

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LM317 Low-Cost 3A Switching Regulator

A switching voltage regulator circuit shown in the schematic diagram here can be a low cost solution for your high efficiency requirement electronic circuit design. Unlike other switching regulator circuit that uses special purpose integrated circuit (IC), this circuit uses a standard linear regulator LM317 IC. LM317 regulator IC provide a stable internal voltage reference, and provide the adjustment method. […]

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Variable Voltage Reference

A positive variable voltage reference circuit is shown in the schematic diagram below. A voltage reference can be made using a zener diode, but this method produce a fix reference value. To make a variable reference, we can amplify the fix voltage reference using active components (op-amp or transistors). Here is the  schematic diagram of the circuit: This voltage reference […]

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Stabilized 3V Voltage Source/Reference

This LM10 circuit can be used as low voltage low current voltage source or reference. This circuit regulate the voltage from the power supply to give a very stable output. The  minimum voltage level for powering this circuit require only 0.2V above the output level, showing the low drop out  (LDO) feature of this circuit. [Circuit’s schematic diagram source: National […]

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