Muscular Bio-Stimulator

This muscular bio-stimulator circuit is small and portable. This circuit  provides muscles’ invigoration and stimulation but in major it could be an aid in removing cellulite. To use this bio-stimulator we just put the electrodes to the skin at both ends of the chosen muscle and then rotate P1 knob slowly until we feel a mild itching sensation.



This device is forbidden to use for pregnant women and Pace-Maker bearers . Do not put the electrodes on varices, cuts, injuries or wounds. Obviously we can’t guarantee any therapeutic effectiveness for this device.

Circuit operation: IC1 generates 150µSec. pulses at about 80Hz frequency.  As a buffer we use Q1 and to inverts the polarity of the pulses and drives the Transformer Q2. P1 is used to set the amplitude of the output pulses and the brightness of LED D1 displays the approximately . To protects Q2 against high voltage peaks generated by T1 inductance during switching this circuit uses D2.