Power Factor Controller

This circuit is called power factor controller with universal input circuit. It has input range about 90 to 268Vac. Any standards of mains supply  in almost any country would be under that range. Maximum load of this power factor controller is 450W. The circuit shown  by the schematic diagram below :


This is a simple circuit because  this circuit uses the internal circuitry of  MC34262  power factor controller integrated circuit chip. For higher operating ambient temperature range, -40 to 105 celcius degree, we can replace the IC with MC33262, because MC34262 chip only has the ambient operating temperature range of 0-85 celcius degree.

AAVID Engineering Inc. 604953B04000 Extrusion.


Coilcraft P3657–A
Primary: 38 turns Litz wire, 1300 strands of #48 AWG, Kerrigan–Lewis, Chicago, IL
Secondary: 3 turns of # 20 AWG
Core: Coilcraft PT4220, EE 42–20
Gap: 0.180? total for a primary inductance (LP) of 190 µH

[Schematic diagram source: Motorola Analog IC Device Data]