DC to AC Inverter

DC to AC inverter is used to convert DC voltage source to an AC voltage source. DC AC inverter circuit works by switching the DC voltage source to make an alternating current  that flow to a transformer. Here is an example of  dc ac inverter schematic:


This power inverter could generate 120 Watts power. A 15 fuse (as seen in the circuit diagram) must be installed since the dc-ac inverter will surge large amount of current if the oscillator fails.  This 12v dc to ac inverter could generate 110v or 220 volts AC voltage from your car’s battery to power many appliances.  This dc to ac inverter circuit generate squarewave output, and it can power resistive load like a soldering iron, incandescent bulbs, or some brushed AC motors. Some people has reported that they has succesfully use square wave dc ac inverter to powe their audio system,  even their laptop, but you must use on your own risk.  Finally, this 12v ac inverter has good efficiency, around 90% for various load power consumption. The drawback is that you need 10A transformer for this 12v 110v/220v inverter,  means that this device won’t be small, lightweight, or cheap.