Wideband RF Amplifier

This is a circuit of Wideband RF amplifiers. This circuit use current-feedback components like the THS3202. The THS3202 was chosen because it has fast slew rate and wide bandwidth. The amplifier voltage gain of this circuit is 20 and stage voltage gain of this circuit is 10. Here is the circuit: Compared to traditional RF circuitry, this circuit is simpler. […]

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L200 Light Controller

This is a circuit of L200 light controller. The output of this circuit is controlled by the surrounding environment’s brightness.  If the brightness increases, the output voltage will increases as well. Here is the circuit : The R1 and photoresistor are connected in parallel. They are used as regulator.  If we connect the the photoresistor in parallel with R2, we […]

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High Frequency Switch

This is high frequency switch circuit. This circuit uses the 2N4391. When it is off, it will provide a high off-impedance (<0.2pF) and low on-resistance of 30 ohm. Here is the circuit : This circuit has attenuation > 80dB @ 100 MHz and insertion loss about 6 dB. It can be immediately achieved if we use an “ideal” switch and […]

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