Discrete Schmitt Trigger

This is a schmitt trigger circuit. This circuit produces a simple comparator action. It is “emitter coupled”. This circuit has a distinct hysteresis loop and fast transition action because this circuit uses the 2N3565 bipolar that is a high hFE transistor. The 2N3069 JFET generates very little loading on the measured input. Here is the circuit : [Source: National Semiconductor […]

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Low Power Regulator Reference

This is a simple circuit of low power regulator reference. This circuit can produces stable voltage reference. The voltage reference that is produced by this circuitĀ  almost free of supply voltage hash. This circuit has typical power supply rejection go over 100dB. Here is the circuit : [Source: National Semiconductor Application Note]

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Automatic Switching for Battery – USB Power Connection

This is a simple circuit for automatic switchover between battery and USB port. This circuit uses more general step-up converter architecture. Compared with an analog switch or diode-OR circuitry , this circuit is simpler. Here is the circuit : This circuit uses the MAX1795/MAX1796/MAX1797 step-up converter. To connect the output of a step-up converter and the USB power line, a […]

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