200 MHz Cascade Amplifier

The 200 MHz JFET has same features below: 1. Low crossmodulation 2. Large-signal handling ability 3. No neutralization 4. AGC controlled by biasiing the upper cascade JFET. Here’s the circuit diagram: The Idss of the upper unit must be greater than the lower unit, that’s the only special requirement of the 200 MHz JFET. [Source: National Semiconductor Application Note]

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PWM Modulator Using Op-Amp

This is a simple PWM modulator circuit. Comparing the message signal to a ramp or triangular waveform is the simplest way to produce a PWM signal. When the input is greater than the triangular waveform (the carrier), the resulting output is high, when the input is less than triangular waveform, the output is low. So, a comparator and triangular-waveform generator […]

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PMOS FET Following The Output for Soft-Start Mechanism

Using the following PMOS FET switch regulator output, in series with the regulator’s load as shown in the picture below is the most simple method. Switch placement should really be noted. To ensure that the regulator remains stable, the switch should be placed after regulators required minimum output capacitance (ie, C3). After regulators suddenly lit, FET Q1 operates as a […]

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