Hi-Fi Tone Control with Transistors

Below is a cheap high fidelity (hi-fi) tone control circuit. This circuit has one channel (mono) control and we need to build another similar circuit to make it stereo. For better sound quality output, use good component (such as metalfilm resistors, MKM capacitors, tantalum capacitors, good cable quality) and stabilized power supply. The power supply, cabling and quality of component […]

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Passive Audio Stereo-to-Surround Adapter

Below is a passive surround converter/adapter circuit diagram. To make this circuit works, passive surround doesn’t required any active components. This circuit only need the combined of resistors and electrolytic capacitors. Do not use woofer or tweeter speakers for rear speakers but use full range type of speaker. We must use 5W resistor. Usage of 1/4 or 1/2 watt resistor […]

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Turbo Bass (Booster)

This is a Turbo Bass circuit. Using this circuit, the low frequency sound signals(bass) can be multiplied. This circuit is an active circuit. The first op-amp is used to buffer the audio input signal. The signal will be filtered by the second op-amp which will give bass signal output. Here is the schematic diagram of the circuit: The overall gain […]

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NPN Transistor Darlington Configuration

In the Darlington configuration, this emitter follower has a pair of transistors. The emitter current of one transistor becomes the base current of the second in this arrangement. The Darlington configuration acts like one transistor with a beta which is the product of the betas of the two transistors. Where high output currents are needed, they can be used. The […]

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