Start Mechanism in Single Phase Induction Motor

The single-phase induction motor is not self-starting device. The main winding carries an alternating current when the motor is connected to a single-phase power supply. A pulsating magnetic field will be produced by this current. The rotor is energized due to induction. The torque necessary for the motor rotation is not generated as the main magnetic field is pulsating. This […]

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TV Remote Control Jammer

This is a TV Remote Control Jammer circuit.  Remote control use modulated light to combat eer infrared nvironment/background infrared noise. Your room heater, sunlight, incandescent lamp, and many other devices emit infrared. Without modulating the infrared carrier, other source of infrared will block the remote control signal, since the othsources are mostly strong enough. Since the remote control transmit IR […]

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One Transistor Pump Building Block

This is a one transistor pump circuit. This is a very simple circuit and very helpful, you can use it as a building block for designing more complex electronic circuit. This circuit generates voltage staircase from a square wave input. Here is the circuit: The V1 is determined by following equation: V1 = Vo – Vbe(sat) If the input voltage […]

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