TV Remote Control Jammer

This is a TV Remote Control Jammer circuit.  Remote control use modulated light to combat eer infrared nvironment/background infrared noise. Your room heater, sunlight, incandescent lamp, and many other devices emit infrared. Without modulating the infrared carrier, other source of infrared will block the remote control signal, since the othsources are mostly strong enough. Since the remote control transmit IR at 38KHz, frequency the receiver system now can filter out the noise coming from other sources.  As you already know how it works, now you can build a remote control jammer: by transmitting the same  38kHz modulated IR with enough intensity, it can be done by using IC 555 that is configured as astable multivibrator for frequency near 38KHz. Here is the schematic diagram of the circuit:

This circuit uses  infra red LEDs that receive a current from transistor. By decreasing the 180 ohm resistor, it increase this circuit range but not below 100 ohm. The 10K potentiometer must be set to adjust the frequency to be matched with the remote control’s frequency to block. [Circuit’s schematic diagram source:]