Low-Dropout, Constant-Current Triple White LED Driver

In conventional white LED design, the Max1916 low-dropout bias supply for white LEDs is a high performance alternative to the simple ballast resistors. A single resistor is used by this device to set the bias current for three LEDs, which are matched to 0.3%. On enable condition, the MAX1916 consumes only 40uA of supply current and 0.05uA when disabled. The […]

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Infrared (IR) Proximity Detector

This is infrared (IR) proximity detector circuit. A matched infrared emitter and detector pair is used in this circuit. The voltage controlled oscillator section of the LM567 tone detector IC is used to set the emitter LED pulses at frequency. In this circuit, the center frequency of the VCO is set to about 909 Hz by combination of capacitor C1 […]

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