Astable and Monostable Multivibrators

Multivibrators is two state devices which is used extensively in digital electronics. The bistable multivibrators or called filp-flop are the basic memory devices used in sequential logic. Beside bistable multivibrator, there are also astable multivibrator which serves as an oscillator and the monostable multivibrator (on shot multivibrator) which can serve as a pulse source. The NAND gate inverters configuration shown […]

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Varactor – The Core of Voltage Controlled LC Tuner

In hybrid system, analog system with digital control, a voltage controlled things is very important since it can be interfaced by DAC from digital system. For radio tuning with digital control, a voltage controlled LC circuit is needed. If we can turn a knob of variable capacitor mechanically, microcontroller system prefer outputting a voltage rather than controlling a variable capacitor […]

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One Transistor Pump Building Block

This is a one transistor pump circuit. This is a very simple circuit and very helpful, you can use it as a building block for designing more complex electronic circuit. This circuit generates voltage staircase from a square wave input. Here is the circuit: The V1 is determined by following equation: V1 = Vo – Vbe(sat) If the input voltage […]

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