Quadrature Sinewave Oscillator

Quadrature oscillator is another type of phase shift oscillator. This circuit produce two sine wave signal. One of them is shifted 90 degree from the other signal. The output that shifted 90 degree is called cosine signal and the other is called sine circuit has two output. Here is the circuit : This circuit has three phase shifter sections. Each […]

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Bubba Oscillator

One example of theĀ  phase shift oscillator is Bubba oscillator. This oscillator gets 45 degree phase shift for each section from quad op-amp package. The result is excellent d(phase)/d(t) to obtain very low frequency drift. The circuit is shown below: 45 degree phase shift is obtained from Each RC section. The alternating section generate a low impedance quadrature output. The […]

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High Accuracy Sine Wave Oscillator

There are many applications that require stability in the operation, such as telecommunications, servos, and test equipment. They are using frequency-accurate sine-wave sources, but to find frequency-accurate sine-wave sources with satisfactory level of absolute accuracy and drift can be a problem, even if there are many such sine-wave oscillators are available. To get less drift and greater accuracy ws can […]

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