Shutdown Schemes for MAX1044/ICL7660

This is a Shutdown Schemes of MAX1044/ICL7660. Additional capacitive loading on the OSC pin of the device will reduce the oscillator frequency, so we should be aware when using the circuit. Compared with other circuits, the first circuit has the least loading on the OSC pin. Using a high or low logic level this circuit has the added advantage of […]

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Power Control for Arc Welding Equipment

The circuit diagram below show us a typical circuit for welding equipment. Accurate control of the maximum turn-on delay can be reached using potentiometer P2. C1 can be discharged using DB1 diode bridge and R6-R7 resistors at each line zero voltage. This will maintain the same turn-on delay and resets the voltage charge at each new half line cycle. Power […]

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Power Amplitude Modulator

We can use L200 to send a signal onto a supply line. We can define Vo as Vo = Vref (1+ R2/R1)  since the input signal Vi is DC decoupled. The gain of amplified signal is: Gv= -R2/R1 This amplified signal is added to this component. We must impose i1 = i2+i3 (1) by ignoring the current entering pin 4. […]

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