Simple Metronome With Transistors

Flip-flop, as an astable multivibrator, can be used to generate timing signal in music: metronome. By adjusting transistor bias resistor using a 100k potentiometer, the charging and discharging time of capacitors can be adjusted to get  proper tick period for the metronome. Here is the schematic diagram of this simple metronome circuit. This metronome circuit can be put in a […]

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Electronic Drum Synthesizer

The circuit below consists of two “twin-T” oscillators set to a point below oscillation. To set the circuit into oscillation, we can touch the Touch Pad. Here is the schematic diagram of the circuit: By touching the pads in different ways and a whole range of effects are available will produce different effects. Before oscillation, the two 25k pots are […]

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Ticking Bomb Sound Simulator

Sound similar to a loud clicking clock that is  usually attached to a timed bomb is produced by this circuit.  Use this circuit for fun, don’t use it for terror. The 200k pot adjust the frequency of the tick. By charging the 2u2, the circuit starts and when 0.65v is on the base of the NPN transistor, it starts to […]

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Electronic Canary

This is a circuit which is a modification of Hartley oscillator with the addition of several components. This circuit uses a small audio transformer, type LT700. The primary of this transformer is center tapped with an impedance of 1Kohms at 1KHz and the secondary has an impedance of 8 ohms. “Chirp” characteristic of this oscillator is given by the inclusion of […]

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