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MAX1703 Single-Cell Boost Converter Circuit

When you design a circuit with only a single-cell battery, you will need boost-converter to provide enough voltage for most ...

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55MHz Scope Sensitivity Amplifier

Scope sensitivity amplifier is a vital front-end signal processing for every scope instruments. The function of this circuitry is simple: ...

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Two-Band Bxandall Active Tone Control

Using active circuit for tone control means that we can provide cut and boost, maintaining overall amplifying factor of original ...

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Pulse Width (PWM) Controller Circuit

A LM3900 quad operational amplifier can be used to build a pulse width (PWM) controller. The LM3900 was chosen because ...

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Small TV Modulator Using A Motorola MC1374

How can television modulator be small and simple like this? First, it uses integrated circuit, and the second, any TV ...

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LM412 Sample and Hold

This is a LM412 sample and hold circuit. This circuit uses discrete components. This circuit also uses MPF102 JFET transistor and LM412 dual op-amps. The source is prevented to charge the capacitor by the MPF102. The LM412 is used because … Continue reading

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JFET Low Noise Preamp

Noise, in amplifier circuit, is generated intrinsically by each components inside the circuit. Resistor, capacitor, and semiconductor generate noises. By simplifying the design of a circuit, we can minimize the noise especially if we can push the number of components … Continue reading

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LM359 Fast Photodiode Amplifier

Photo-diode can be used for high speed digital transmission, but you have to provide high speed signal conditioner for that purpose. The amplifier circuit shown in the schematic diagram below satisfy the high-speed requirement. The circuit is based on current … Continue reading

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Current Mmode 20MHz Noninverting Amplifier

Current mode amplifier has the benefit of higher frequency operation, and LM359 comes as operational amplifier with this type op amplifier. Current mode (Norton) amplifier can be used in video, RF, of high speed communication design. You can apply this … Continue reading

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