PWM Motor Speed Control Using Class D Audio Amplifier

This is class D audio amplifier circuit that is used to control PWM motor speed. This circuit has two advantages for battery-powered portable devices. First, this circuit produces much less power dissipation than do it’s linear cousins. Second, it enhances battery life. Here is the circuit: A potentiometer (R2) is used to generate a variable DC voltage. To match the […]

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Single Op-Amp Tone Control

This is single op-amp tone control circuit. This circuit is a hybrid low-pass, high pass and one-pole circuits with attenuation and gain. This circuit is the solution for limits cost because it requires a minimum component. Here is the circuit : For the tone adjustments, the midrange frequency is 1 kHz. It gives about ±20 dB of  cut and boost […]

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True Subwoofer Circuit

This is true subwoofer circuit. This circuit is used for 15- to 18-inch woofers and will not work with  8- or 6- inch “subwoofers.” It has bass-reflex, a good infinite-baffle, or foldedhorn enclosure, and driven by driven by an amplifier with at least 100 watts. This circuit will most useful for home theater applications, which play material that does have […]

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