Ears and Speakers Protector

Sometimes the output volume of amplifier is too high and hurts our ears. As well as hurting your ears, this incident could damage your loudspeaker. The circuit below can be used to protect both our ears and our loudspeakers from destructive output signal of amplifier, works by deactivating the amplifier when high level signal is detected. This circuit will disable […]

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Fuzz Box Distortion Pedal – Guitar Effect

This guitar effect circuit uses a simple high gain amplification, followed by a symmetric clipping using parallel diodes clipper. The gain of the 741 op-amp pre amplifier will be R3/(total impedance of guitar pickup + C1).  With 1 kOhm guitar pickup and C1 combination impedance, the gain would be more than 1000x, this would be enough to make sure the […]

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