General-Purpose AF Power Amplifier

This is a schematic diagram of general-purpose audio frequency (AF) amplifier circuit. This circuit uses cheap 1/4-W  resistors, no high precision needed so 5%-tolerance of carbon or metal film units is good enough. This circuit has frequency response range from 16Hz to 30kHz.  This amplifier also accepts standard automotive battery supply voltage range: 12 to 14 V. The gain of […]

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Single Transistor Variable 0-180 Deg Phase Shifter

The schematic diagram below shows a variable 0-180 degree phase shifter circuit. This circuit can provide  phase shifted output (compared with the input) between 0 and 180 degrees for frequencies up to 3MHz with same amplitude (unity gain or gain=1.) This circuit uses inexpensive NPN transistor, 2N3904, but almost any small signal transistor type can be used. Using R5 and […]

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