Mic Pre-Amp with Clipping

Signal clipping is usually avoided in most application, but we can find some useful examples where clipping is intentionally employed in audio processing. One example is signal limiter in SSB or radio transmission.  In radio communication, the source of modulating signal (the audio)  affect the modulation depth and should be limited to prevent cross talking the adjacent channel if the […]

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Tremolo Effect

Tremolo sound effect is basically an amplitude modulator.  Some people might get confused with vibrato effect, but vibrato effect is a frequency modulator, big difference. When you apply a tremolo effect on electric guitar for example, you’ll hear something similar with turning the guitar’s volume knob up and down, while vibrato effect will sound like pitch bending.  With electronic circuit, […]

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Two Op-Amps 60 Hz Notch Filter

Notch filter is a filter that remove a certain B. Ideally a notch filter will remove only single point of frequency  component, but practically it will remove a limited range of frequency spectrum. The spectrum should have very small bandwidth to approximate an ideal notch filter. The circuit diagram design below is based on passband gain of 3 and Q […]

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Fuzz Box (Distorion Pedal) Electric Guitar Effect

The two transistors amplifies the input signal from electric guitar. The two  silicon diodes (any small signal type can be used)  clips the amplified signal to produce a  highly distorted output, after filtering the high frequency component using a 500 pF capacitor. The amount of the fuzz is adjustable from maximum fuzz to pure clean (normal playing). This guitar effect […]

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