Extending 555 Timer’s Delay with Integrator

555 IC is very popular component for timer circuit. With integrator circuit, we can extend the timing period of 555IC timer with reasonable capacitor size. With conventional 555IC timer configuration, the timing capacitor will be large compared to integrator version. You can see the comparison in the graph below the schematic diagram. [Circuit’s schematic diagram source: seekic.com]

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LM3915 Vibration Meter

A vibration meter circuit shown in the following schematic diagram uses LM3915 a the main active component. This vibration meter uses a piezoelectric transducer to pick up the vibration. The logarithmic characteristic of LM3915 make this meter circuit works for wide range measurement, suitable for measuring engine block vibration or other system where the dynamics is wide. Here is the […]

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50 kHz FM Optical Receiver

Frequency modulation (FM) can be used to transmit analog voltage level signal with good noise immunity. The transmission itself¬† might employs different methods, and this circuit uses free air optical medium. This optical receiver circuit is built using a L14G2 detector, two stages of gain, and a FM demodulator. To obtain better sensitivity, we can use more stages of stabilized […]

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High/Low Voltage Probe

Simple voltage probe circuit shown in the schematic diagram below very useful in testing, testing, or troubleshooting discrete¬† or integrated circuits, especially logic circuitry. This voltage probe circuit gives two indication, “high” or “low”. Here is the schematic diagram of the circuit: When the “high” condition is probed, Q2 and Q1 transistor will be activated shorting R2 and LED1 to […]

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