FET Buffered Analog Voltmeter

This is a voltmeter circuit that use FET as the buffer to improve the input impedance. This circuit uses A2N3819 FET which provides a solid-state VOM. Beside that, a cathode follower in a VOM of this circuit is The 2N3819. The calibration of this circuit is done by adjusting R12 (scale/sensitivity) and R14 (zero offset).  Since FET has very high […]

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Light Level Droplets Detector

This is a circuit of Low-Light Level Drop Detector. This circuit utilize self-biasing configuration to detect small changes in light level. This circuit usually used in monitoring very low droplets rates. The collector of the transistor gives feedback that is used to stabilize the bias of the photodarlington. The effect on optical performance is reduced by a high base-source impedance […]

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