LM359 1MHz Balanced Line Driver

Balanced signal consist of two lines that have opposite phases, and should be received with differential input receiver. Balanced signal is employed in many telecommunication techniques to improve transmission system’s noise immunity. Balanced signal is usually transmitted in twisted pair cables. With twisted pair, the noise exposure is expected to be equal for both lines in order to cancel each […]

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2.5KV Isolated RS232-TTL/CMOS Converter/Driver/Receiver

The ADM3251E is a transceiver which has a high speed, 2.5 kV fully isolated, single channel RS-232/V.28. This device is operates from a single 5 V power supply. The device is ideally suited for operation in electrically harsh environments or where RS-232 cables are frequently being plugged and unplugged due to the high ESD protection on the RIN and TOUT […]

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