Digital Transmission Isolator

Digital transmission isolation is important for keeping the digital noise to reach the analog path, that’s the benefit for noise isolation. For electrical isolation, isolating the signal after digitizing is often easier since digital signal is inherently nonlinear, no need for linear device to transfer.  You can use the following circuit for many purpose: [Source: National Semiconductor Application Note]

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RS-485 Signal Loss Detection

The safety shutdown and fault isolation protocol are critical in many telecommunication, industrial, data processing system and industrial. To share data between communication processor or single-board computers, actuator and sensors, the fault detection system uses RS-485. This RS-485 uses two signal wires to detection of valid signal levels that require a differential window comparator and to transmit data. Here is […]

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FSK Demodulator Using LM565

The FSK demodulator is the electronics device that converts the FSK signal to serial digital signal. To transmit digital serial data we use FSK modulation and to get back the digital data at the receiver, we need to demodulate it. Here is the circuit: The main component of this circuit is LM565. For mark /space coding, this demodulator circuit uses […]

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