Powerline Carrier-Current Remote Control or Intercom

Using 567 IC tone decoder/detector, we can build a remote control and or intercom. This circuit can be used to control a relay, or to carry an audio signal (intercom) through power-line wiring. Here is the schematic diagram of this remote control/intercom circuit: The relay will be activated if you inject a 100kHz tone. This can be used to control […]

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Low-Pass and High-Pass RC Filter Frequency Calculator

This is a simple Low-Pass and High-Pass RC Filter Frequency Calculator. This calculator is used to calculate the corner frequency of low pass and high pass filter. To change from low pass to high pass, just switch the position of the resistor and capacitor. The corner frequency does not change because the calculator assumes a low source impedance. Here is […]

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6 Band Graphic Equalizer

The circuit diagram below shows a circuit of graphic equalizer 6 band of regulation. The potentiometer RV1-6 regulates each band, and the sliding type is the recommended for better visual indication. . The gain is null (flat) in the center position of potentiometer, but in the maximum and minimum position has +/- 15 dB, boost or cutting off, respectively. It […]

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