Low-, Band-, and High-Pass Single Supply Multiple Feedback Filter

This is Low-, Band-, and High-Pass Single Supply Multiple Feedback Filter circuit. This circuit uses MFB topology, which has some advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of MFB topology are low cost, easy to implement and very versatile. The disadvantage of MFB topology is it has complex calculation. This circuit uses a unity gain Butterworth, so the circuit will give a […]

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A 20-kHz, Third-Order Low-Pass Filter

This is a third order low pass filter that has corner frequency of 20kHz. It is twice as high as the auto-zero clock frequency. Here is the circuit : The input signal operation is allowed to across its entire gain bandwidth because intermodulation  and aliasing noise are highly attenuated. This circuit also has rail-to-rail drive capability provided by amplifier’s output, […]

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Single Op-Amp Tone Control

This is single op-amp tone control circuit. This circuit is a hybrid low-pass, high pass and one-pole circuits with attenuation and gain. This circuit is the solution for limits cost because it requires a minimum component. Here is the circuit : For the tone adjustments, the midrange frequency is 1 kHz. It gives about ±20 dB of  cut and boost […]

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