Op-Amp Application: Inverting Amplifier

The figure below show an operational amplifier circuit. Closed-loop gain given by this circuit is R2/R1 when this ratio is small compared with the amplifier open-loop gain, and it’s called as inverting circuit. The value of input impedance is equal to R1. Bandwidth of this closed-loop is equal to the unity-gain frequency divided by one plus the closed-loop gain. Take […]

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FET Op Amp

THE FM3954 monolithic-dual gives us an ideal low-offset and acts as low-drift buffer function for the LM101A op amp. Track over it’s bias current range thus improving common mode rejection is the excellent matching characteristics of the FM3954. Here’s the circuit diagram: [Source: National Semiconductor Application Note]

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200 MHz Cascade Amplifier

The 200 MHz JFET has same features below: 1. Low crossmodulation 2. Large-signal handling ability 3. No neutralization 4. AGC controlled by biasiing the upper cascade JFET. Here’s the circuit diagram: The Idss of the upper unit must be greater than the lower unit, that’s the only special requirement of the 200 MHz JFET. [Source: National Semiconductor Application Note]

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High Gain JFET Audio Amplifier

This is a simple high gain JFET audio amplifier circuit. This circuit need very low power but it provides high gain amplifying function. It also called “JFET µ amp”. Here is the circuit : The lower drain current is, the more gain is obtained because µ of a JFET increases as drain current decreases. However it will sacrifice input dynamic range […]

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