The Full-Wave Rectifier and Averaging Filter

The heart of an average reading, rms calibrated AC voltmeter is shown in figure below. It’s a rectifier and averaging filter. We can remove the averaging function and provide a precision full-wave rectifier by deleting C2 and provide an absolute value generator by deleting C1. By following the signal path for negative and then for positive input, circuit operation may […]

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Digitizing a LVDT Transducer Interface Output

Digitizing transducer interface output voltage is shown on circuit diagram below. The transducer in this case is the NE5521, an LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) Signal Conditioner. To ensure that the input to the A/D does not go excessively beyond the supply voltage of the A/D, this device is use the diode at the A/D input. For a better description […]

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Op-Amp Circuit: Differentiator

This is a differentiator circuit. This circuit can be used to do differential operation. There are two differentiator, the are true differentiator and practical differentiator. The true differentiator is extremely susceptible to high frequency noise due to the increasing AC gain at the rate of 6 dB per octave. Here is the circuit of true differentiator, practical differentiator and Differentiator […]

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